Coach Yuxiang Li

Coach Yuxiang Li

Mr. YuXiang Li is the head coach of NYITTC. Li has more than 50 years of history in the sport of table tennis. He started to play table tennis at the age of 6. At the age 10 he was given professional training and in 1976, he won the Chinese National Championship man's single champion. From there he was accepted into China National Team. Coach Li started touring the world playing table tennis, in 1977 as the team member of China, he went to England for the 34th World Championship. 1978 at Chinese National Championship, Coach Li's team won champion, Coach Li won man's double champion.

Coach Li entered the scene of international table tennis in the year of 1985 as a professional individual. He got invited to participate many countries and association's training as a coach, and also an athlete over Asia and Europe. It was then he started to train talents who became superstar in the world for different countries, including: Sweden, Germany, Japan, Denmark, England, etc. He spent more then ten years living in Germany and training the German national team. 1987-1989 Coach Li was invited by Sweden Table Tennis Association, to participate Sweden National Team training and coach Sweden Athletes. 1988, as Erick Lindh's personal coach, Coach Li helped Lindh to prepare his Olympic competition. During 1988 Olympic Game, Lindh won China world champion Jiang Jia Liang, and got 3rd place. 1989, Coach Li coached Sweden team won China 5:0, and got Champion at World Championship. Under Coach Li's coach, Sweden team kept the world best for 6 years. Coach Li's sport spirit and talent was recognized throughout the world.

Coach Li got hired by the prestigious Borussia Dusseldorf Club of Germany, where he trained with some international stars, including: Ryu Seungmin (2004 Olympic man's singles champion) Vladimir Samsonov (champion, 1999 World Cup man's single) Michael Maze (bronze, 2005 World Championship man's single; bronze, 2004 Olympics man's doubles) Koji Matsushita (Japanese champion, man's double bronze in World Championship), and many more. (see the athlete he coached previously) With Li's support, Borussia Dusseldorf team won Europe Super Cup title the first time.  Coach Li was awarded Germany National Level Coach license.

1996, 1998, 2000, and 2008,2014 Coach Li played the ITTF World Veterans Championship, and won man's single and double titles. 2002, 2006 at ITTF World Veterans Championship, Coach Li got man's single and double runner-up.

Ever since Coach Li came to the United States, Coach Li played 2005 USA Open and won 5 champions, 1 runner-up. He also won the title of over 50+ and 60+ man's single at 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 US National Championship. The United States Table Tennis Association has recognized Li's talent and skill, awarded Coach Li national coach license. Many experts have seek his guidance. He has been helping young and professional table tennis athletes. Coach Li have a unique way of training youth. As a result, the learning curve of new players into the world of table tennis is greatly reduced. Coach Li trained Alguetti brothers, who were selected to be US cadet and youth team, also listed within top 5 player's of USATT cadet and youth ranking.


Part of Previously Coached:

·Ryu Seungmin (2004 Olympic Gold Medallist) [Korea]

·Vladimir Samsonov (1999 World Longlist Rating 1, World Cup Champion, European Champion) [Bela Russia]

·Michael Maze (2005 World Championship man's single bronze winner, 2004 Olympic men's double bronze winner ) [Denmark]

·Koji Matsushita (multi-times Japanese Champions, World Championship team third place winner, also man's doubles bronze) [Japan]

·Erick Lindh (World Championship 3 time team champion, bronze metalist for Olympic men's single) [Sweden]

·Alguetti Brothers ( listed within top 5 of USATT cadet, youth ranking, selected to be US cadet, youth team, 2017 National Championship Man's double champion, 2013 Joola East Open Cadet Champion, Minicadet Champion and Runner-up, 2012 US National Championship Minicadet 3rd, 2012 Joola Baltimore Team Open Champion, )

Personal Achievements:

2017 USATT National Champoinship: Man over 40, 50, 60 double champion, Man over 50, 60 runner-up

2015 USATT National Championship: Man over 60, single and double champion, Man over 50, double champion; Man over 50 single, Sand Paper runner-up. 

2014 USATT National Championship: Man over 60, single and double champion; Man over 50 single and double runner-up; 4200 double runner-up.

2014 World Veteran Championship, Man's Double Champion, Man's Single 3rd place

2012,2013 US National Championship Man Over 50 Champion

2005 US Open and ITTF Pro-tour Quintuple Champion Winner

1996 (Norway), 1998 (England), 2006 (Germany), 2008 (Brazil) ITTF World Veteran Championship Man's Single and Double Champion; 2000 (Canada) World Veteran Championship Man's Single and Double Runner-up; 2002 (Switzerland) World Veteran Championship Man's Single Runner-up.

1978 China National Championship Man's Team Champion

1977 Member of China National Team for The ITTF 34th World Championship

1977 China National Championship Man's Double Champion

1976 China National Championship Man's Single Champion

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