New York International Table Tennis Center (NYITTC) is US Association of Table Tennis registered and proved training center, and a New York State approved and registered training center, also sponsored by Butterfly North America. The address is 134-32 35th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354 (phone: 718-961-4208).

NYITTC is conveniently located in the center of Flushing, New York, which is near major subways, bus station and highways (see direction), is the only formal table tennis training base in this area. NYITTC's large 5000 sq. foot facility gymnasium with eight Butterfly tables and accompany by professional gymnasium wooden floor which produces a cushioning effect. The interior is lit with table tennis special lamps and natural daylight lamps accompanied by professionally color designed light blue walls to invoke the comfort and brightness for the center. Newgy Robopong is ready for players to use. The center includes: a resting lounge with tables, chairs and couches which provides a comfortable resting area. The lounge also provides snacks with hot or cold drinks, snacks, microwave oven and a theater system to watch or study previous recorded competitions / tournaments; a changing room, and rest rooms are provided. A pro-equipment store in the center provides mainly Butterfly table tennis equipments for the players. Also, the club has a indoor parking garage and lockers for players to use.

NYITTC's head coach is a worldwide well known, Germany and USATT national level licensed coach, Mr. Yuxiang Li,. He has won 3 time China champion, 7 time World Veteran Champion. 2012 USA National Championship over 50 man's single champion. Coach Li has played table tennis for over 50 year , and over 30 years of coaching experience all over the world. He has trained Europe and Asia world talented table tennis players who became superstar in the world, like Ryu Suengmin (S. Korea), Samsonov (Bela Russia), Maze (Denmark), Koji Matsushita (Japan), Erick Lindh (Sweden) etc... who won Olympic, World Championship, World Cup and European Championship. In US, he trained Alguetti brothers, who listed the 1st of USATT cadet ranking, and were selected to be US cadet team. Many good player from all over the world come to the Center for training and advises, Coach Li warmly welcomes everyone with courage. Under the leadership of Coach Li', there is an experienced assistant coach group in the Center, to help coaching group and individual lessons.  NYITTC organizes leagues and group class every weekend, organize groups plying tournaments and training in China and Europe every summer.

To serve the enthusiast from around the country and the world, NYITTC has formed a partnership with Flushing International Hotel conveniently located next door in the same building. Flushing International Hotel have very comfortable and sousing rooms, heart warming services and discounted price for all table tennis enthusiast. Around the Center, there are many fast food courts and fine dining restaurants, which provide many styles delicious food. There are also many creational facilities like billiards, KTV, bars and ballrooms around the Center.  These services makes the Center in a wonderful recreational environment.

Due to the excellent and professional equipped club, high standard of coaches, and the prime location of NYITTC, United States Table Tennis Association have appointed NYITTC as the official North Eastern Region table tennis training center. Its goal is to increase the popularity of the table tennis sport and to raise the technique of the players in the North East region; introduces high level player to US team, and help to build a healthy community.

NYITTC is a place for you to meet other enthusiast and to make friends. Among the NYITTC members, you can meet lawyers, doctors, teachers, CEOs, scientists, officers, tour guides etc. All of members have a same goal: play table tennis, exchange their experiences, techniques and have a happy healthy life. Anything from a game of table tennis to a long term membership, individual training or group classes, we have variety wonderful programs for you. We sincerely welcome your visit to NYITTC for an unique experience.

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